A new kind of media planning agency

Guerillascope was founded in 2001, upon the backdrop of a TV advertising industry that danced to the tune of big agencies and their big clients. For SMEs and challenger brands, opportunities were scarce, with the conventional wisdom of the time indicating that TV was beyond their marketing budgets.

Our three founders wanted to change that, and so started a new kind of media planning agency. One focused on delivering hands-on, flexible campaign strategies that made budgets big or small work harder. No restrictive share deals. No Advanced booking deadlines. No automated, blanket hooking of ad space.

With the brand-defining power of TV at their core, we’ve developed a reputation for incisive multimedia campaign strategies that cut through the noise to engage target audiences.

We’re privileged to work with some fantastic clients, including Protect Your Bubble, The Financial Times, Watchfinder, Nextbase and Warranty Wise. We take great pride in the fact that, from our origins as a small business ourselves, we’ve grown with our clients, become a part of their stories, and undertaken some fantastic journeys.

Our secret? It all boils down to understanding, awareness and collaboration.

A deep understanding of what makes your business tick, and your customers click.

An acute awareness of how different media channels can be used in effective combinations to reach people wherever they are, whatever they’re doing.

And a collaborative ethos that allows us to draw upon additional perspectives, contacts and opportunities by working closely with a small number of trusted media partners.

Friendly and honest people

Our friendly and honest team of media planning experts will look after the interests of your brand from start to finish: from creative storyboarding and production; to the strategy itself; campaign optimisation and results; we’re well-versed in delivering seamless and affordable cross-media solutions that build your brand.

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